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After many years of trying out different types of workouts, I was yet to find a class that challenged both my strength and flexibility, as well as focused me in a meditative way whilst also being entertaining and fun. That was until I started doing Pilates Reformer classes for Carine and her team at Nubodi. I am addicted. Each class is varied, with different levels of challenge, which means you could every day and work your body in a different way, engaging different muscles and keeping you on your toes. Carine and her team ensure you are supporting your body correctly and doing the exercises on the reformer in good alignment but also ensuring you are working hard! From fast past cardio, and jump board classes to more slow paced but muscle burning classes, and everything else. Nubodi pilates reformer is amazing. I have been going to 4/5 classes a week for the last month and I have noticed more changes in my body this month than with a whole 6 months of training for a triathlon!! Not only do I feel stronger and more toned but also through strengthening my core, which is focused on during every class, all of my back ache has gone, and my weak ankles have strengthened through the foot work we always do. I am standing taller and maintaining better posture more comfortably. I am excited to go to every class, knowing my body will have a good work out, my mind will feel energised and I am seeing the results of the hard work.


“Carine is a superb personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She always gives a great workout and makes it fun by varying the exercises. She is professional and friendly and I would recommend her to anyone”.


I started regular reformer Pilates classes almost 2 years ago as I had recently retired and I wanted to improve my core strength to help my tennis and golf in particular.
I find the Reformer an invaluable piece of kit which, with Carine’s first class instruction and combinations of different disciplines, has enabled me to improve my flexibility, strength and accuracy to such an extent that my on court opponents now fear my next ace! And above all – it’s fun too!


“Carine’s passion for fitness, health and well-being comes through both in her classes and one-to-one sessions. Her extensive knowledge and energy keeps motivation levels high and gives noticeable results.

Suffering with a weak back since my late teens, Carine’s understanding and encouragement has enabled me to actively participate in her classes by providing me with alternative exercises to protect and strengthen this area”.


I love your classes. They are painful, but you, being so focused, considerate and respectful make it all worthwhile.
I recommend your classes to everyone because I see the difference in how my back feels afterwards and how my entire old body feels afterwards. Big, big thanks Carine!
I have even recommended reformer to my family in Canada and they have signed up for it! :))


I joined Pilates Reformer about 3 months ago and have not looked back!
I went through a terrible family trauma, which caused me to lose a lot of weight and damage my rotator cuff. Doctors were ready to operate to fix my rotator cuff and the weight loss left me with a lot of saggy skin, which at 48, was not very attractive!
Through weekly reformer classes I have managed to change the look of my body and this I know from comments made by friends and family who have seen a dramatic change in the healthiness of my body.
My rotator cuff is a thing of the past and all in all, I feel stronger, toned and healthier than I have felt in a very long time.
Thank you to Carine and her reformer classes.


“I feel like a different person – both mentally and physically.“


“I am loving the variety of classes too and wondering why on earth I haven’t started before now!! Thank you!!! “


“I have always been a frequent visitor to the gym but over the years (and as I have got older) I have picked up some injuries and also experienced wear and tear after so many years of gym work – in particular body pump. I have a bulging disc in my neck and bad back and pelvic problems. I started Reformer Pilates with Carine over a year ago now and have noticed such a huge transformation! What with more carefully structured gym work and the careful eye of Carine my symptoms have massively decreased and my body shape has changed. If I’m honest I started Reformer to help with all my aches and pains (which it has) but getting a leaner , more toned physique has been a huge bonus!

I can’t recommend Carine and Reformer Pilates more, I’ve been advised of the importance of Pilates for years by physio’s and doctors and now I can really see why. I used to see a physio once a week for months but since starting Pilates I haven’t been back! Best investment ever!’